After COVID-19 set the travel and tourism industry back a few steps, it’s now more important than ever to stay ahead of marketing trends to stand out from the competition.

We’ve checked into a few strategies on how to take action and make that happen in the super-saturated tourism market.

Do the Research

To know where you stand – and how to stand out from your competitors – pull up TripAdvisor or Google reviews of three or four of your closest competitors to research what they’re doing right … and doing wrong. Also, compare your accommodations, amenities, and services with competitors, as well as pricing, wait times, and more.

Create an Experience

The hotel tourism industry is more than booking room accommodations; it’s about creating experiences and relationships and memories. It starts the moment a potential customer comes into contact with your brand and continues throughout the journey within a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere. Resorts should embrace personalized marketing that both inspires customer loyalty and also sparks relationships with new guests. Start by finding out your guests’ interests.

Create a Story

Your marketing brand should be founded on a story that connects emotionally to customers and draws them in closer. In fact, research shows that 55 percent of customers say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they love the story of a brand. And that means more than just a checklist of facts about your business. There are three elements of a good story: a challenge (what makes people want to check out what you have to say), a struggle (the emotional journey that attracts people), and a solution (the subtle call to action that promotes your brand). Think of your guests as the protagonists interacting with your story and discovering why they should spend money on you. That’s why they will choose you over your competitors.

Find Your Niche

A standout tourism marketing campaign involves thinking outside the box to offer guests something specialized in your own niche. Ask yourself questions, such as “Who is my specific audience?” “What does my staff offer?” “What does my location offer?” “How can we make our guests’ stay easier?” “How can we save our guests money, while giving them the luxury they need?”

Be Passionate About What You Do

Because it will show if you are not. It’s hard to run a business, but it needs to be more than a job; if you’re passionate about it, it will be easier. Set yourself apart from your competitors by showcasing your knowledge and passion for the tourism industry, which people will be attracted to and react in a positive way.

Do Something Unique

What does that look like in the travel industry? Today, instead of activities, guests want experiences, as we’ve already mentioned. You want to offer something they haven’t felt, done, or seen before that they’ll remember for a long time and share with others. The experience may not necessarily be unique, but something with a twist: like a fun way to provide a sightseeing tour by land or water, food or wine tasting tour, or shopping or snorkeling experience.

Beef Up Your Digital Presence

Your online reputation is critical to your brand strength in today’s digital world. This is more than a well-designed, functional, user-friendly website; you also need to focus on your social media platforms (a huge influence) to entice your audience and to responsively keep an eye on your reviews. Also part of this digital branding is to stand out from your competitors by finding an SEO strategy that will rank you at the top of those search engines when your potential guests are on the hunt to book a vacation.

If you’re ready to make your brand stand out from the rest in the tourism industry, the professional team here at Morrison Wilkes Creative Marketing Group can be your solution. Contact us now so we can talk more.


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