Nothing connects to an audience’s emotions and pulls on their heartstrings like a killer story.

The same goes for good copywriting. And the strength of the pull on those heartstrings is backed by the strength of the content of your brand’s copywriting.

What is copywriting exactly? Copy is any text used in a branding capacity (think advertising, marketing, advertorials) and copywriting is the act of writing that text that can be seen anywhere in the digital world, outdoors, radio, TV, mailers, print and beyond. This basic breakdown makes it seem all very technical, when it is truly a creative process.

Because statistics on the successful sales of your product can only give you a report in numbers, but good copywriting goes further to tell you why those numbers matter to your brand.

To dig further into the tonality, voice, and building structure of this brand messaging, here are 4 reasons good copywriting is vital to the strength of your brand:

Solid to the Core

At the core of every brand is a bundle of ideas translated into messaging with meaning. Meaning, a great story with a main “character” that makes your audience laugh or cry or feel inspired. The heartbeat of your ad message should be relatable, so that your audience connects to the “who” in an ad story, which leads to the “who cares?” for your product.
With compelling copywriting at the core of your brand, you can better express your product’s purpose, vision, mission, values and strategic objectives. It’s the foundation upon which the framework and those extensions are built to reach out to and engage with the world.

It won’t take long for your audience to connect to a protagonist who is true, who is believably struggling to overcome a challenge, celebrating a triumph, or recovering from defeat – not just gliding through life in stagnant lines of dialogue and backstory.

Content Construction

We’ve all heard the “content is king” expression thousands of times. Maybe that’s because it is, in fact, true.

It’s built on an idea, but it’s the content of your copywriting that has to hit that precarious sweet spot between the brand and your customers (or audience). They don’t have time, frankly, nowadays to be bothered by empty, non-useful messaging. Content has to keep their attention – and quickly – by entertaining them, inspiring them, solving a problem, adding some humor to their day, or all of the above.

Content structure starts with a strong hook, continues with a hefty middle with punches of detail to sustain the weight of that powerful hook, and then ends with a bang that’s memorable. After all, that’s what gets people talking about it by word of mouth – your words, their mouths – and that’s the cheapest kind of advertising.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

With content, it’s not only important what you say, but how you say it. The voice in your language needs to resound with your audience as truthful, relatable.

If not, your audience will see right through the BS. And if your audience isn’t buying your story, they’re not going to buy your product. People these days are making ultra-conscious decisions on purchases, so honesty (and your brand value) that is persuasive pays.

Brands with the loudest voices through copywriting aren’t necessarily the ones that get the most customers. It’s the brands whose voices are unique, intriguing, and compelling.

The Closing Statement

Good copywriting shouldn’t end with the ad itself. It should live, breathe and move through all mediums, from TV to print to social media. If your story is a good one, it could even be one that lives on to be passed down from one generation to the next. That’s the ad story of legends.

If you need high-quality, compelling copywriting crafted for your brand, the professional copywriting services here at Morrison-Wilkes Creative Marketing Group can be your solution. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from core messaging to content framework to a powerful, long-lasting call to action. Contact us now so we can talk more.


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